It's about time someone rethought this whole applying to college thing.

Welcome to Edupath—we don’t just prep you for a test, we prepare you for the college journey.

Your journey starts with the college, not the SAT or ACT.

You’re going to live at college for at least 4 years, so you’ve got to find a school you love. That’s why Edupath puts college discovery first—and makes it fun. Explore over 1200 accredited 4-year schools, read honest reviews, make suggestions to friends, and build a list you love.

Own the college application process. With one tap of your finger.

Even if you’re not much of a juggler, Edupath will help you keep all your balls in the air. Simply turn on the task manager for any school in your favorites list, and all the due dates for admissions tests, applications, supplementals, essays and recommendations will automatically flow into your calendar.

Prep for the score you need— no time-sucking test prep classes required.

A big advantage in knowing the schools you want to apply to is knowing the test score you’re aiming for. We’ve spent 15 years developing, testing and refining individualized test prep, and then we built an app that learns your weaknesses and exercises them until they become your strengths.

Keep parents in the loop. Without the awkward conversation.

Teens like their independence but parental involvement is key to college admissions success. The free basic parent dashboard provides an overview of a student’s training and college discovery. For $7.95 a month, the premium dashboard offers direct-to app messaging and deeper insight into a students training and college discovery.

College is expensive. Getting there shouldn’t be.

College Passport

Test prep, college discovery and application management for all

  • Free, unlimited use
  • Personalized SAT & ACT prep
  • Helps you discover schools you’ll love
  • Organizes all your college applications
  • Basic dashboard tracking for parents—premium upgrade available
It’s free, so get started!

Office Hours

When you need extra help with your prep

  • An add-on for College Passport
  • Experienced live tutors
  • Available for all subjects
  • 1 hr sessions in small groups
  • Unlimited plan includes free upgrade to premium parent dashboard

College Guide

When you want a personal guide for your journey

  • 1 on 1 initial consultation
  • Custom game plan
  • Includes College Passport ACT & SAT
  • Unlimited Office Hours
  • Premium parent dashboard

Berkeley, CA

Edupath is located just steps away from the UC Berkeley campus.