Live classes in downtown Berkeley
The #1 choice of Stanford professors for their kids
Proven to be 3 times more effective than Kaplan
Boosts student self-confidence across the board

Edupath has been offering test prep and college guidance courses for 15 years—it’s why we started developing test prep apps in the first place.

Today, we offer innovative “blended learning” classes that combine the structure and synergy of live instruction with the personalization and flexibility of our College Passport apps. Our students love having access to experienced instructors, while being able to work on their test prep anywhere they take their mobile devices.

Fall classes begin Monday, Sept. 8 in our downtown Berkeley office in the Brower Center—just two blocks from Berkeley High.

Get a Grip: The After-School SAT/ACT Series
Mondays and Thursday, 4:00-5:30 p.m.

Students learn test strategy to help them score high even when they don't know the answer, how to tackle the toughest trick questions with aplomb, and how to match their achievements with their college goals. Multiple staff members co-teach the series, so whether the topic of the day is Critical Reading, Writing, or Mathematics, students receive expert instruction and individual attention. Final sessions are devoted to practice test and individualized “game plan.” Snacks included.

*Ideal for students taking the SAT Oct. 11 or ACT Oct. 25

Dream School Intensive
Wednesdays 7-9 pm

Sept. 10: What’s Your Dream School? - An Evening of Assisted Exploration
Sept. 17: Yikes -- Due Already? Keeping Track of Multiple Applications
Sept. 24: How Financial Aid Really Works
Oct. 1: The Dreaded College Admissions Essay
Oct. 7: Don’t Freak Out Now -- Being Safe at College

Students and parents don’t always realize just how many tasks are involved in applying to a single college. Multiply that by 8 -- the number of applications submitted by the average high school student -- and you’re looking at some serious logistical challenges. In this educational five-part series, our application coaches offer an overview of the college application process, as well as information, assistance, and advice on some of the most complicated issues that applicants face.

*Fee allows student and up to two additional family members to attend.

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